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As a service for collectors and researchers we offer label discographies  -  i.e. systematic catalogs of all known recordings on selected historic 78rpm record labels, sorted by catalog numbers. They are preliminary and incomplete drafts. If you can add, please get in touch.

Please note: This is a discographical catalog - items are NOT available for sale from us

Mark Alban Lotz / Lotz Of Music (artist discography)


Tonbilder / Sound Pictures  RESEARCH: Call for help - FORSCHUNGSVORHABEN: Bitte Hilfe
    Carl Buderus
    Alfred Duske
    Oskar Messter
    Deutsche Vitascope
Acme Record  (Berlin)
Bachaphon (Leipzig)


Derby 20cm (Berlin)
Derby 25cm (Berlin)
Gnom 15cm
Homocord Liliput 15cm
Homophon Liliput 12 3/4cm (Berlin)

Lindström related companies (matrix block systems by year)
Lukraphon   (Spezial-Radio-Haus Lukra, Berlin)

Nimbus  (Clausophon, Berlin)

Lindström related companies (matrix block systems by year)
Lukraphon   (Spezial-Radio-Haus Lukra, Berlin)

Odeon catalog numbers  (catalog and order numbers by year)

Parlophon catalog numbers (catalog and order numbers by year)

Semer (Hebräische Buchhandlung Hirsch Lewin, Berlin)

Telefunken T-Spezialserie 
Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin
    Christschall (Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
    Colorit (Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
    National (Dänische Serie)
    Printophon (Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
    Sonora (Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
    Star (Tri-Ergon Musik-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin
VOX Schallplatten- und Sprechmaschinen-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin
    Sperling (VOX Schallplatten- und Sprechmaschinen-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
    Teddy  (VOX Schallplatten- und Sprechmaschinen-Aktiengesellschaft, Berlin)
Phonocards (exploratory history)
    Épis de blé Cartes Postales Parlantes   (E.P.I., Compagnie Générale d' Électricité, Paris)

     Greetaphone Cards (Hallmark, Kansas City)
    L.B. Cartes Postales Disques   (Louis Boduin, Amiens)
    Singola Schallplatten Postkarte   (Auch: F. Marxen, Mainz)
    Musika   (Made in Germany)    

    Quick   (Editions Francis Salabert)
    Tuck Phono Postcards   (Raphael Tuck Gramophone Postcards, London)
    Weco Tonbild-Postkarten (Berlin)
    Zonophon Ansichts-Postkarte (Zonophon G.m.b.H. , Berlin)

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