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Introductory notes:
The GHT (Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger, Society of  Historical Recordings, Vienna, regularly conducts conference meetings of international discographers and serious record collectors. At the "9th Internationaler Diskografentag" (20-24 May 2008, Immenstadt, Germany) it was decided to focus on the hitherto neglected  “Lindström Story". This website is an attempt to provide an overview and rough dating table for all releases on the Parlophon labels. Due to the complicated history of company mergers and corporate identities, this list also covers - at least for the time being - labels that were  controlled by EMI London, after they acquired Lindström.

Countries such as Norway and Switzerland had the spelling Parlophon until the 1930's (pressed in Berlin), but after the war became Parlophone (pressed in Hayes)

The B and P series were pressed in Germany. There are Danish, Norwegian, Swiss and probably many other series pressed after the war in Hayes (and other countries as well)

Acknowledgements and sources:
Rinus Blijleven (Netherlands), Suresh Chandvankar (India), Du Jun Min (China), Björn Englund (Sweden), Sanyaya Jayaratne (Sri Lanka), Michael Kinnear (Australia),
Sunny Mathew (India), James Mitchell (Australia/Thailand), Jonathan Ward (USA), Christian Zwarg (Germany)


The setup is as follows

Catalog numbering block - Category or Prefix - Country or Language - Diameter (cm) - Date/Years - Country where pressed  - Colour of Label - Comments


Odeon catalog and order numbers:   UNDER CONSTRUCTION



Information such as label colours can often only be derived from physical autopsy of the artifacts. The present overview uses colour identifications that need to be standardized (especially: brown, red. red-brown. brown-red, maroon, violet, lilac). As well, prefixes are not always shown on actual discs

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