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Jazz flute: The Mark Alban Lotz Discography (pdf) or Discography (htm) patience, those are LARGE files, hence long loading times)  and the "Lotz of Music"  homepage


IASA International (International Association of Sound and Audiovisual Archives)
IASA Ländergruppe Deutschland/Deutschschweiz
ARSC (Association for Recorded Sound Collections)

Deutsches Musikarchiv (Online-Katalog der Deutschen National-Bibliothek)
SLB (Swedish National Archive of Recorded Sound and Moving Images)  78rpm Database
British National Sound Archive
Library Of Congress-Recorded Sound Section (Online catalog of acquisitions since 1982)
The Virtual Gramophone (Canadian Historical Sound recordings)
ScreenSound Australia (National Collection of Screen and Sound)
Phonothèque Québécoise (Library and Sound Archive)

Phonoraphische Zeitschrift
Finnish Institute of Recorded Sound
Viola (Finnish Music Database)
National Library of Serbia (78rpm Database)
GHT (Gesellschaft für historische Tonträger)
Fonoteca (Schweizerische Landesphonothek)

Istituto Centrale Per I Beni Sonori Ed Audivisivi (Italienische Discoteca di Stato)


Recording Pioneers (superb research by Hugo Strötbaum)

Larry Holdridge (Superb classical vocal and instrumental auctions)
Russian Records (Site devoted to Russian discography)
78tours - un lieu d´échanges d´objets & d´idées (78rpm discs and talking machines)

78rpm record labels (pictures and links)
Allotria (Gramophones and 78rpm disc)
Albis International (Bibliophile books, secondhand books and discs)
Bob's Music (CD re-issues specialist)
Mark Berresford Rare Records (Mainly jazz, blues and dance band auctions)
Ronny Busse (Kindergrammophone)
Chemjo Vinaver Collection (Rita Ottens & Joel E. Rubin, Jewish musical traditions)

Fox auf 78 (German language 78s entertainment magazine)
Hawthorn´s Antique Audio (Vintage discs and collector´s supplies)
Flexi/Cardboard/Oddity(with sound files)
The Jazz Discography by Tom Lord (100 years of jazz on one CD-ROM)
Phonographe et Gramophone (Talking Machines)
Phonopassion (Andreas Schmauder)
Henner Pfau (78rpm discs)

The Record Collector (Magazine devoted to the great singers)
Record Collectors Corner (Michael Ladwig)
Sephardic Discography (Joel Bresler)

Songster (Grammophon-Nadeldosen, Needle Tins)
Tonträgerbörse (Thomas Krispens)
Vintage Jazz & Blues Mart (78s, LP, CDs Trading Magazine)
Stephan Wuthe (Swing)
Bernard Wichert (Spoken Word Archive/Tondokumente zur Zeitgeschichte)
Christian Zwarg (Online label discographies, CD-reissues)
Little Wonder Records (5½ Zoll Kinderschallplatten)
Kiddie Records ( Kinderschallplatten)


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