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On an experimental basis we herewith offer a label discography of the German Tri-Ergon company. This is a preliminary and incomplete draft. If you can add, please get in touch. This listing was compiled in close cooperation with Andreas Schmauder (Horben). Among those who have provided information are the following: Renee Aagard (Denmark), Arkivet for ljud och bild (Stockholm), Rinus Blijleven (Amstelveen), Ralf Bönschen (Dortmund), Bundesarchiv (Koblenz), Heinz Büttner (Köln), Deutsches Musikarchiv (Berlin), Deutsches Rundfunkarchiv (Frankfurt am Main), Björn Englund (Stockholm), John C. DeMetrick (Cluj), Bill Dean-Myatt (UK), Deutsches Musikarchiv (Berlin), Björn Englund (Stockholm), Joachim Freese (Pfalz), John Gibbs (Washington), Klaus Grund (Kiel), Günther Grunow (Radebeul), Michael Gunrem (La Ferté-Milon), Wolfdieter Jordan (Hamburg), Hans Koert (Heinkenszand), Michael Konhäuser (Frankfurt/Main), Thomas Krispens (), Rainer Künzler (), Willy Kyburz (Basel), Michael Ladwig (Hannover), Frank Lotz (Bonn), Kevork Marouchian (München), Robert Masopust (Basel), Renato D. Menrare R. (Santiago de Chile), Bernd Meyer-Rähnitz (Dresden), Norbert Nitsche (Wien), Åke Nyke (Stockholm), Jan Onderwater (Amsterdam), Enrico Pigorsch (Dresden), Hendrik Schreiner, Didi Schulze (La Ferté-Milon), Walter Schwanzer (Österreich), Georg Schwarz (Dresden), Statsbiblioteket (Aarhus), Henning Trab (Aarhus), Peter Tschupp (Yverdon-les-Bains), Jerome F. Weber (Utica), Manfred Weihermüller† (Bonn), Konrad Weisrad ( ), Jörg Werner (Leipzig), Frank Wernicke(); Matthias Wilmshorst (), Joe Winstanley (), Hans Peter Woessner (Zürich), Oliver Wurl (Berlin)

Attention: Some of the files are quite large and require a long loading time. Be patient...

Tri-Ergon 200-399: 20cm Etikett blau (Preisklasse III)
Tri-Ergon 1000-1299: 30cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 1931-1932: Winterhilfswerk
Tri-Ergon 2000-2199: 25cm Etikett braun
Tri-Ergon 5000-5299: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 5300-5499: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 5500-5699: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 5700-5899: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 5900-6099: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 6100-6299: 25cm Etikett grün (Preisklasse II)
Tri-Ergon 6500-6599: 25cm Etikett grün (France)
Tri-Ergon 10000-10099: 30cm Etikett weinrot (Preisklasse I)
Tri-Ergon 20000-20099: 30cm Etikett weinrot (Preisklasse I)
Tri-Ergon J-K: 30cm Etikett grün

Tri-Ergon "Audio-Vox Sprachinstitut“: 25cm Etikett 
Tri-Ergon „Bildplatten“: 25cm mehrfarbig
Tri-Ergon Christschall: 25cm und 30cm
Tri-Ergon Filmgeleitplatten: 40cm Etikett schwarz/weiss
Tri-Ergon "Printophon Bildplatten": mehrfarbig
Tri-Ergon "Printophon Werbeplatten": 25cm
Tri-Ergon „The Talkie Way“: 25cm Etikett hellrot

Colorit 3001-3199: 25cm Etikett schwarz
Colorit 3200-3299: 25cm Etikett schwarz
Colorit 3300-4199: 25cm Etikett schwarz
Colorit 6000-6199: 25cm Etikett schwarz
Some label variations: Colorit and Bellaphon


National 600-699: Dänische Serie

Star 5000-5099:25cm
Star 6000-6199: 25cm
Star 6200-6299: 25cm
Star C.8000-8200: 25cm Tschechische Serie
Star "Bildplatten": 25cm Etikett bunt
Star “Konsums Språkskivor”: 25cm

Trusound "Bildplatten": 25cm 


Tri-Ergon TE5706 Stresemann


Please note that the distinction between A- and B-sides is fictional - the actual records bear no side identifications. Further explanations:

M = Musik, music or composer
T = Text , lyrics or lyricist
NE followed by month/ and year = Neuerscheinung, date of first release
K = Katalog, catalog in which the item was listed

40cm diameter discs: without prefix
30cm diameter discs: without prefix
25cm diameter discs: prefix „0”
20cm diameter discs: prefix „00”

There are no alternate takes known on any Tri-Ergon issue. Almost all matrix numbers have the suffix "m" followed by a digit from 1 to 4. The meaning of these suffices is not presently known, issues with different digit are aurally identical.The m1, m2 etc may perhaps only show first, second etc transfer from the film (the original recording medium). On 40cm diameter film sound-track discs, a suffix digit defines the sequence of discs, e.g., TE.40-7 would be disc numer 7 of soundtrack number 40..

Tri-Ergon recorded three times in Stockholm. The results were issued on flexible "Star" records (sold in cooperative stores). The matrix numbers are perfectly consecutive for each visit. Only a few instrumentals (by the Eichwald orchestra) were issued on Tri-Ergon in Germany.
After Tri-Ergon operations terminated in Germany, a French 6500 series as continued for a brief period of time. All other foreign recordings are incorporated in the main 5000-6299 series.
The flexible Colorit discs were marketed in Austria, but - apart from a few masters obtainbed from the US - used exclusively Tri-Ergon regular masters, no original recordings.
A handful of original Tri-Ergon masters have never been issued by Tri-Ergon, but on Christschall and Sonora. These are listed separately.

If you have additions or corrections: Please contact us by e-mail: Rainer E. Lotz
  UPDATE: 2018-07-18

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